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Introducing your personal online tutoring classroom

It’s based on your web browser so no software to download. You simply go to the site at the arranged time and connect with your tutor for the one-to-one personal experience you need along with a full range of sharing and learning tools.

How tutoring in our online classroom works

There are no software downloads so it’s a secure browser based fully functional classroom

  • Students love the ability to work whenever and wherever with no disruption to family members and where they choose an environment that suits maximum concentration!

  • The whole session can be recorded which is perfect for anytime recall of the work and solutions provided in the session.

  • Enjoy a full one to one tutoring experience and easily; exchange files, work on past papers, write and review on multiple whiteboards, use formula builder and more. Our students tell us the online classroom has more learning functionality than a modern well equipped classroom.

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For a fast, personal response send us brief details of your tutoring requirements.
Please include your name and number so Alicja McIntyre can get back to you quickly.
If you prefer, just call 0131 516 1811 to talk to Alicja.

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What to Expect with Online Tutoring


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Just want to let you know that Jonathan achieved his 3 A's and is over the moon. Obviously we're thrilled and just want to congratulate David on his outstanding tutoring in Biology. Last summer Jonathan was sitting on a C at AS and David has brought him up to an A grade in all 5 modules. We couldn't have asked for better! You have a very special student there and we wish him enormous success in his field of medicine.


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