How We Tutor

We listen before we advise a tailored session plan

First we determine what help is needed to achieve the desired outcomes, then tailor tuition based on these options:

  • 1 hour per week per subject – Hourly sessions are mainly used at Primary level or if a tutee feels the 1.5 hour session is too much.
  • 1.5 hours per week per subject – We’ve found this to be the optimum formula for successful tuition, and it suits most students’ busy schedules.
  • 2 hours per week per subject – If starting tuition from January onwards, or if your child is really lacking confidence, we’d consider this more intensive programme.

Built around weekly sessions

Tuition with Glasgow Tutors is built around weekly sessions to maximize learning and commitment:

  • Homework Assignments – An hour’s homework will usually be set per subject per week. This amount may be varied to suit the student’s workload.
  • Exam-focused tuition – Past papers are a key element of our exam-focused tutoring technique.
  • Flexible – We fully appreciate that sometimes you may need to move or miss a session, and here of course we are flexible: your tutor will try to re-arrange a time to suit you.
  • Charges  – The charges are inclusive and start at £34hr. We guarantee this price for the duration of your tuition.
  • No advance payments – You will be invoiced directly at the end of each calendar month. There are no other charges or extras.
  • SQA Subject Tutors  –     All the SQA exam subjects are normally available early reservation is advised

Which tutoring option is best for you? Online or in-home?

Our experience is that traditional at-home tutoring works for many but online has additional benefits. We provide both physical face to face tutoring and online one-to-one and together we can choose what’s optimum for your situation. Our clients who choose online do so for the following reasons:


Students and parents love the ability to work whenever and wherever with no disruption to family members and in an environment and a location that they choose to allow maximum concentration.


Whatever the mainstream meeting tech you prefer to use, online sessions will deliver a one to one tutoring experience where you can easily focus; exchange files, work on past papers, write and review whiteboards, record the session and much more.

Safe and Secure

There are no time-consuming travel issues involved, no concerns about Covid or other personal security issues.

Special Educational Requirements

If your child requires special education, we have capable tutors who have experience in the practice of tutoring students in a way that addresses their differences, disabilities, and special educational needs. Our tutors are able to support SEN children with Dyslexia, ADHD, and others. Call or message Alicja to discuss your particular requirements and potential options.


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