Which subjects can Tutors in Aberdeen provide a tutor for?

We cover all the main exam subjects including English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, German and French. Primary school tuition is an increasingly important area where we provide tutoring support. We also cover a range of other subjects and skills. For example; Our study skills programme is designed for students who are finding it difficult to plan their study. We also provide tutors for students who have special educational and learning needs. Click for a list of subjects.

Who are your tutors?

We work hard to recruit a strong mix of tutor talent in the team. Our tutors include teachers, academics and many are bright graduates and undergraduates all have a proven ability to tutor successfully. In every case, we carefully select and vet our tutors for their excellent grades and ability to tutor.

Is online tutoring as effective as physical presence tutoring in the home?

Yes, it is. Early in 2020 many parents and tutors were either unsure or instinctively felt that online video face to face meetings and sessions were in some way inferior. An unforeseen but positive side effect of the Covid Pandemic has been to dispel finally the concerns of our tutors and clients. Most of our clients now prefer online and students certainly see the benefits, flexibility and useful tools that online tutoring brings to their study plans.

Which geographical areas does Tutors in Aberdeen cover?

Our online tutors of course provide support to students throughout Scotland the UK and further afield. We provide home (physical presence) tutoring to homes within around five miles of the city centres of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Stirling. We may have Tutors who are prepared to travel further, or we can arrange for you to meet with the tutor halfway, or in town at the library. Since 2020 most of our tutoring is geography neutral and online, it’s safe and very effective but of course, we will make every effort to find you a physical presence tutor if that’s what the need indicates.

Will the tutor travel to our home?

Yes, and the cost is included in the hourly rate for the session. If you live more than around five miles from central Edinburgh, we would ask you to travel to the tutor’s address or a mutually convenient location in the city.

How much does it cost?

The fees start at £34/hr, and can go higher for “specialised tutors”. We guarantee the agreed price for the duration of your tuition with Edinburgh Tutors.

How is payment made?

You will be invoiced monthly by Edinburgh Tutors Ltd for what has been received from the tutor. We do not expect clients to pay anything up-front. The payment can then be made either by BACS, We can in some circumstances accept credit cards and of course cheques but in 2021 it seems that e transfer from a bank account is easy, secure and preferred by most of our clients.

What is the ideal number of sessions?

There is no minimum, number but the idea is for tuition to be an ongoing programme for the pupil. To deliver improved outcomes 1.5 hours is a better value than 1 hour and two hours for most (but not all children) is too long. Traditionally tuition seems to have been 1 hour, our experience is that the tuition in such a case is reaching its peak in effect just when it runs out of time. However, we also have children who prefer shorter more frequent tuitions. For most, however, you get the best results from 1.5 hours once a week over a minimum of three-six months.

Why are many of our Tutors Undergraduates?

It’s a question we are often asked and there are two reasons. First, we prefer academically excellent specialists, who have also recently succeeded within the Exam System. This profile leads us to gifted, young, undergraduates and academics who can immediately relate to the needs of your child and who has the best and most recent experience of the exam system from the sharp end. The second reason is simple, it’s difficult to find the very best teachers. Our experience is that many are excellent generalists and if they are typical teachers, fully employed in their schools or ‘between jobs’. Where we find excellent teachers, who fit the demanding Edinburgh Tutor profile, we hire them – but our main task is to supply clients with the best, in our view and for tutoring the exam system, the best undergraduates have the edge.

Do you provide tuition for adults?

Yes, we provide tuition for any age group. We often have adults who have returned to education studying a variety of subjects, the most common being English, Languages or Science related subjects.

When are tutoring sessions?

With School level tuition it is mainly carried out during the evening or weekend. Adult tuition tends to be through the day. We are flexible, a time is agreed between the tutor, tutee and ourselves that fits in best with everyone’s commitments.

What is the minimum session time?

We feel that 1½ hours is the optimum length for a tuition session. Where Primary tuition is involved then this tends to be for 1 hour. The 1½ hour session allows the tutor and tutee a good length of time to achieve a lot of work and overall gain the best results.

How frequent are the sessions?

The majority of tuition is received weekly. We also have clients who prefer fortnightly sessions with their tutor. Often tuition is increased leading up to exams. We are flexible and understand that breaks may be taken during holidays.

Which is better online or one-to-one in the home?

Before the Pandemic, most parents instinctively favoured the traditional in-home approach. Today 98% of our tuition is one-to-one online and as restrictions ease the great majority are sticking with the online option.
We provide both physical face-to-face tutoring in-home and online and together we can choose what’s optimum for your situation. Our clients who choose online one-to-one do so for the following reasons:

  • Flexibility
  • Students and parents love the ability to work whenever and wherever with no disruption to family members and in an environment and a location that they choose to allow maximum concentration.
  • Functionality
  • Whatever the mainstream meeting tech you prefer to use, online sessions will deliver a one to one tutoring experience where you can easily focus; exchange files, work on past papers, write and review whiteboards, record the session and much more.
  • Safety security and time-saving
  • There are no time-consuming travel issues, no concerns about Covid or other personal security issues.


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