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Coronavirus Policy And a Tutoring Service Solution

Dear Tutors, Parents and Students

Many believe continued tuition is vital at this critical juncture in the academic year but also are worried about infection, especially where households contain vulnerable individuals. Likewise, some tutors are also expressing concerns, especially as the younger folk they tutor are potential routes for the infection of others.

We are not qualified to give general advice with regard to contact and infection. For that, you can check out Government advice and regulation (see some helpful links below).

However, if in the future you decide to suspend non-essential face-to-face contacts, it need not impact adversely on education. Tutoring can continue normally using our one-to-one online classroom.

A growing number have already moved to online tutoring using Skype or similar video tutoring. As you may know, we have been offering online one-to-one tuition for some years with some clients and tutors using our bespoke VIRTUAL ONLINE CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT whilst others are happy with the more basic but effective tools offered by Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, and others.

Online works very well and has some surprising and attractive advantages over being physically adjacent, for example, it’s very flexible in terms of timing and fitting in with busy lifestyles.

  • The tools available in the online classroom allow for the real-time electronic exchange of documents, past papers and "live" working.
  • It can take place anywhere a laptop or desktop is available, minimising disruption.
  • It’s as easy to monitor as a physically present tutor and student.
  • It facilitates instant video records of tuition.

We understand that many are reluctant and prefer the difficult to express "advantages" of a physical meeting for tuition. However, it’s our experience that clients and tutors become comfortable quickly in the online environment and often do not go back to a purely physical tutoring environment.

This will be an important decision at this time for students. However, it’s one ideal solution open to clients and tutors during a difficult time for all.

If you want to discuss it further or move to online straightaway then check out our dedicated online tutoring page.

You can fill in the contact form (below), call or email:

Edinburgh, East of Scotland and Aberdeen
email: Alicja McIntyre :: tel: 0131 516 1811

Glasgow and the West
email: Joanne Baird :: tel: 0141 319 4546

Introducing Online Tutoring

P.S. We are not qualified to offer advice on Coronavirus safety issues and like the rest of the UK business community we rely on Government advice.

Here are some useful links in that regard:

Thanks for your help again in supplying a tutor, Lorant was lovely and am sure has made a huge difference to Michael's chances of passing (fingers crossed!).


L. E. Aberdeen

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