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All our Tutors are passionate about teaching, and all are experts in their fields. Each has succeeded in a rigorous selection process, in which they have proven their ability to teach one-on-one. Many are teachers; others are in teacher training or, exceptionally, completing their first or second degree with an excellent track record in tuition.

All have a proven ability to communicate ideas with clarity and to develop a rapport with their students, crucial to sustaining the commitment of students to the tuition programme. As one parent told us, "my daughter's Tutor has the great ability to reach a balance between friendliness and tutoring executed with professionalism."

Our Tutors are not just teachers: they are friends too, who can remember the experience of taking school exams. Here are a few of our many tutors.


Geography Human and Physical

Jonny has a 1st class BSc in Geography from Aberdeen University and a Master’s degree with Merit from King’s College London’s School of Global Affairs. Due to a desire to understand his subject from all angles, Jonny studied both Human and Physical Geography in equal proportions allowing him to confidently cover all aspects of the curriculum. Jonny also spent a year as an exchange student at Hong Kong University and has travelled to over 30 countries across 6 continents greatly improving his geographical knowledge. 

In his spare time Jonny enjoys quizzing and has appeared on the BBC’s University Challenge and Mastermind.



As a Law and Accountancy student at the University of Edinburgh, Matthew has faced academic challenges and can empathise with students who feel like they lack the attention they need to progress.

Matthew’s achieved 5 band 1 As for each of his Higher subjects, which were English, Mathematics, Biology, French and History. Although he is very confident in his abilities in each of these subjects, he is most confident in teaching French as a foreign language.


Chemistry, Sciences and Mod Languages

Adam is Chemistry Student (MChem) at the University of Edinburgh. He spends a lot of time in the laboratory during the week, synthesising molecules and testing compounds, and trying to keep up with the main science news from around the world. Next year he will undertake a programme at the University of Bologna where he will continue to study Chemistry and will practise languages as well.

He has studied French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Irish; has spent time abroad in Switzerland and Germany.


Chemistry and Biology

Beth is currently a student at Edinburgh university studying biomedical sciences. She is passionate about both chemistry and biology, with a level qualifications in both. She has tutored at her school to struggling students for 3 years and is confident teaching both chemistry and biology to a high level.

She enjoys tutoring and has fresh understanding of the stress and work involved in high school science! 


Maths, Physics and German

David is studying Mathematical Physics at University of Edinburgh and is very passionate about modern sciences. He also tutors German, which is his native language.

After finishing school David has been volunteering in Bolivia for one year, where he was teaching English at a secondary school and looking after children at a nursery. Because of this experience he feels comfortable working with children of all ages. He likes the concept of tutoring helping pupils to understand things in their own time and in a comforting environment.


Psychology and English

Emma is doing MSc in psychology by research at Edinburgh University. In 2012 she achieved a degree in Applied Psychology from University of Glamorgan. Modules included  applied psychology, memory development, funtion and dysfunction, the psychology of ageing and biological psychology and congnitive neuropsychology.

Throughout her studies Emma gained experience collecting, analysing and presenting data.  Emma's hoping to forge a career in cognitive neuropsychology and has a very strong interest in research.


Business Management and Economics

With an MBA from Manchester Business School and over 15 years experience of working with a range of businesses, Fiona is able to provide real-life, practical examples to illustrate the theory in her two subjects, Business Management and Economics.  She draws on coaching techniques in her tutoring practice to build motivation, inspiration and confidence and believes that students learn best when they enjoy the process. 


English Literature

Natalia is studying law at the University of Edinburgh. She was a straight A student at school, including an A at Advanced Higher English. Over summer, she worked as an au pair in Italy, which significantly enhanced her English teaching abilities, especially to younger children.

She enjoys teaching English to students of all levels and abilities, and does not believe in a "one system fits all" method of teaching; instead, she aims to tutor pupils in the way which is best suited to them, giving them confidence in themselves and allowing them to achieve the best results they can.



Graduating this year with a BA Hons degree in Media, Victoria spent her summer in US studying with New York Film Academy to advance her production skills. She's been volunteering in schools for five years.

After winning the Media Prize two years running Victoria began tutoring Media Studies in 2006 while studying Higher Media herself, her pupils have a great success rate.

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